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'Talofa’, and welcome to Sell Samoa, Samoa's online training programme. The Pacific Islands are one of the last great unexplored holiday areas for British visitors but, as travellers seek new attractions, places like Samoa are moving into the limelight.


Samoa offers an idyllic holiday destination, perfect as part of a multi-island Pacific tour, as a stopover or add-on to Australia and New Zealand or simply as a standalone tropical paradise.


From swaying palm trees, incredible coral reefs and idyllic beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Pacific, to world-class accommodation, delicious food and a fascinating authentic culture to explore, it offers everything your clients could possibly want.

Sell Samoa is an easy two-module programme which will help you learn everything you need to know about Samoa to sell it to those clients who are looking for a South Pacific extension to Australia, New Zealand or Hawaii, for instance.


Who knows, it might even induce you to visit yourself so you can hear the locals say ‘Talofa’!